Nowadays much of our lives has moved online, and it’s hardly surprising to realise that we all have a digital footprint.  Everywhere we visit online, every file we download and each email we send is all attached to that footprint.  The stuff we watch on TV where the FBI track down our every move from our online activities is really not very far from the mark.  Obviously not everyone is completely happy with this, especially if you live in a country where the State has a less than impressive record with this sort of information.  There are tools we can all use though relatively easily to keep some semblance of privacy while we’re online including something called a proxy server.

Lots of us most probably have used a proxy server in all sorts of settings. Assuming that you employ the web at work or university, there’s a good chance that you connect to it through a proxy server. They are actually typically deployed to regulate access inwards and outwards to a company network from the world wide web. The idea is that as opposed to examining a large number of individual connections, the proxy can funnel traffic via a single point that makes it easier to monitor and check for things like viruses.

To enforce making use of the proxy server, most network administrators will enforce their usage by a range of strategies. From the client computer the use of the proxy will be made mandatory by hard coding the settings into the browser. So for instance, Internet Explorer would certainly be set up and the settings pre-configured by using some thing like the Internet Explorer Application kit. The settings can also be installed by utilizing group policy settings deployed to the client from the Active directory.

Additionally, the system administrator may additionally release settings on the external firewall to control access through the network perimeter. This would most likely be attained by specifying the IP address of the proxy and making sure that all other addresses are prevented from leaving the network. If there are numerous proxies or they are constructed in an array then multiple addresses would be configured. This would stop anybody at all from overriding client side settings or installing an additional browser and attempting to access the internet directly. If the address isn’t specified then the access would be blocked.

Proxies online are typically used in a marginally different context although the functionality is somewhat the same. They are mostly used to provide a level of privacy and conceal your internet address from web servers. The idea is that rather than seeing the IP address of your client, then the web server (and your ISP) will only view the IP address of the proxy. This would also allow you to bypass some of the various geo-blocks which exist on the web. Essentially if you route your connection by means of a proxy based in the right nation then you can bypass the block. Millions of people use these to watch things like the BBC from anyplace, though it can be challenging to find a UK proxy quick enough to stream video at least without paying for one.  Which is why there are lots of commercial options which people use to do things like watch UK TV online in Portugal or anywhere on the planet.

This has become much more challenging over the last handful of years though, as the internet sites have begun to detect the use of proxies and are blocking them automatically. Nowadays you normally need a VPN so as to watch video from one of the main media sites, due to the fact that proxies won’t work any longer.

Presently there are various other common uses of proxies online and that’s usually to make money. Countless individuals and companies, use proxies so as to create more electronic identities. This means instead of being restricted to one connection, then you can efficiently utilize hundreds at the same time. This is specifically useful for conducting online research, posting adverts, online marketing and even using e-commerce sites to buy stock to re-sell. A common use is to use automated software to buy things like sneakers or tickets to popular concerts, normally you’ll only be allowed to try and buy once but using proxies you can purchase many.  However ordinary proxy servers won’t work for these and you’ll need a lot of them.  If you’re looking in this area it’s best to look at the best rotating proxies you can find, which are fast, dedicated servers with residential IP addresses.

This is why people utilize computer software to automate these techniques and purchase the best rotating proxies so as to facilitate these purchases. There are lots of folks making thousands from simple software programs, a few rotating proxy networks and an ordinary home computer acquiring and selling limited availability items such as these.

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